The PSN Outage aftermath

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The PSN Outage aftermath Empty The PSN Outage aftermath

Post  Admin on Tue May 24, 2011 2:29 pm

Recently we had the Playstation Network outage that caused PSN to be shut down and non-accessible to the whole world. Even more recent, the playstation was turned back on in many areas EXCEPT the Asian area.

The reason being that the Japanese government will not allow it to be turned back on until Sony can show them proof that the security measures that they have enacted work.
I do not feel that, as gamer to gamer, that is fair to our friends across the lake. (pond if your british) so what I have decided to do is not play any of my games online until they, the Asian Market, can play online.

That is why I haven't joined any online games.

With that said though I would like to give out my condolensces to the Asian Market, and suggest that we, as Fowl Company, support them by not playing any games online until their outage is over.

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