So I guess it's my turn.

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So I guess it's my turn. Empty So I guess it's my turn.

Post  micc_fitz on Fri May 13, 2011 12:35 pm

What is up people. My name is Mike or some of you may know me as micc_fitz from gamefaqs. I guess it was kind of my idea to start a team for brink. After all it is a team based shooter so it is only fitting, right? A little about myself, as i said my name is Mike age 26, currently living in Los Angeles. Gaming history, well lets just say I've been gaming for a looong time. As far as FPS, I've been playing shooters since the old school Duke Nukem and Wolfenstein games, so I'm fairly confident in being an asset to the team. At the end of the day video games are about having fun and that's why were all here...cheers

p.s. im a little drunk right now



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